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High Paying Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with Work Visa For Sportperson.

According to new research, the Canadian trucking zone might be short to 48,000 long-haul truckers by 2024. This is great news for those looking to immigrate to Canada and work as a truck driver because there may be no need for overtraining or finding someone else with whom you can split driving time.

However, if the current Canadian trucking industry crisis continues at its current rate, by 2024, there will be 48,000 fewer long-haul truck drivers in Canada. This survey information for those who are interested in immigrating to Canada for work as a long-haul truck driver, or anyone else seeking employment in the trucking industry.

As the Canadian transportation industry continues to face significant challenges, the country’s truck drivers are facing increased competition across North America. Considering these issues, it is important that drivers try to find a way to put more money back into their pockets.

Requirements For Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with Work Visa For Sportmen.

Welcome to the world of truck driving! If you have the passion and determination, then you are ready for the adventures that come with a Canadian truck driver job. The prerequisite for getting a truck driver job in Canada is to research a little bit about trucking requirements, but not too much. This will help you know what prerequisites are needed for getting a visa sponsorship truck driver job in Canada.

  • A secondary school diploma is preferred but not essential for this position.
  • Heavy-duty driving expertise is a plus, but it is not essential.
  • Truck driver jobs in Canada include permanent, full-time, overtime, weekend, day, night, and evening works.
  • The ability to communicate in basic or functional English is necessary.
  • Certificates, Licenses, memberships, courses, and other credentials will be required for this job.
  • Information about transportation and travel: Willing to travel throughout Canada and the United States. Willing to travel during the day, evening, or night, including overnight routes, and willing to travel for long periods of time.
  • A valid driver’s license (Class 1 or A) is necessary, as well as the Air Brake (Z) Endorsement.
  • Safety and Security: Basic security clearance, criminal background check, driving record check (abstract), medical examination, and drug test are all required.
  • Trucking and Equipment Types: Tractor-trailer, Flatbed, Refrigerated, Highway, Straight truck (4,600kg+ or 10,000lbs+ with 3+ axles).
  • Other: Candidates must be legally permitted to work in Canada and willing to operate in a two-person team to drive long-haul trucks.

Required Skills For Truck Driver Jobs in Canada with Work Visa For Sportmen.

Cargo loading and unloading, tarping, and guaranteeing cargo safety and security

  • Ability to operate and drive straight or articulated trucks for the transportation of products and supplies.
  • You should have the ability to use atlases and other planning tools to help you plan your journey.
  • Receive information and relay it to the central dispatcher.
  • The ability to drive in a convoy or as part of a two-person squad.
  • Ability to plan your trip routes and schedules.
  • You should also be able to examine the vehicle’s condition and inspect the tires, lights, brakes, cold storage, and other equipment.

Top 8 Provincial Programs in Canada for Truck Driver Jobs.

Whether you’re fresh out of school and looking for first job in truck driving industry, or you’ve been working as a driver in another country and want to continue your career in Canada, the list below will provide points of reference that would help you make informed decisions.

Also, Canada is a great country for you to get a job. You will be able to seek your job opportunities in many different cities with the help of different programs in Canada.


The province of Quebec leads the way in terms of provincial job opportunities for truck drivers. According to information on the government’s employment website, truck driver prospects are ‘excellent’ with their platform – meaning there are 837 job openings for drivers across the country.

British Columbia

British Columbia Trucking Association is the provincial organization representing trucking companies in British Columbia. They have over 400 positions on their job bank, with some full-time and part-time options. Learn more about immigration requirements in British Columbia here.


We are pleased to announce that the NOC code for transport truck drivers (7511) will soon be added to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Employer Job Offer In-Demand Skills Stream, along with three other occupations. This means experienced truck drivers who have a work offer in Ontario can follow a defined path to permanent residence in Canada.


Truck driving is a fast-growing job market, with over 900 employed truck drivers in Alberta. Both the Alberta Opportunity Stream and Alberta Express Entry are open to you as a truck driver looking to immigrate to Canada.

Also, long-haul truckers are in high demand, with over 500 job openings on the employment bank under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Both the Alberta Opportunity Stream and Express Entry are open to truck drivers.


If you are in Manitoba and looking to hire truck drivers, employers that might want to use the province’s LMIA process should keep in mind the following criteria: You must have a valid driver’s licence.

The driver must have a clean record for accidents or moving violations, including no more than two convictions for speeding tickets in the last five years. Employers can only hire new permanent residents (i.e. ones who have spent less than six months outside of Canada) if at least 50% of your staff is Canadian citizens or permanent residents with work permits issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada’s largest province by area. It has a population of about 538,000 people; almost 40 percent of whom are identifying as Indigenous.

Its largest industry is tourism, with other key industries including fishing and mining. NLPNP anticipate that truck driving will be one of the fastest growing occupations in the province over the next decade, and can be attributed to significant historical subsidies provided by government to support trucking companies.


Saskatchewan’s Express Entry category is designed to attract skilled and highly-skilled immigrants of all backgrounds who will contribute to Saskatchewan’s economy. Saskatchewan Immigration has a separate Long-Haul Truck Drivers Sub-Category, which qualifies for the province’s Express Entry category as well as Occupations In-Demand categories.

Nova Scotia

Truck drivers are a very popular target job in the Nova Scotia Nominee Program’s Occupations In-Demand Stream. This provides a clear road to permanent residence for drivers, who can hope to get a truck driver job with visa sponsorship in Canada, through this program.

Salaries Range for Truck Drivers in Canada.

Truck drivers’ hourly salary is affordable, ideal for people who need a consistent paycheck. It’s an indicator that the economy is strong and everyone has jobs that they can depend on. Drivers may start earning as little as $18 per hour to $21 per hour and could go up to $24 per hour if they have a long truck driving career.

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